Wolf Cinema 8k Calibrated Laser TXF-4200

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Since 2008, the Wolf Cinema team has been crafting home theater excellence in Berkeley, California, building upon a tradition of proven imaging platforms with our unique techniques and technologies.

Each hand-built projector undergoes an extensive battery of tests and quality control checks throughout the production process – all to ensure your home theater projector delivers that “Wow!” right from the start, and for many years to come.


The New Standard of Excellence


Wolf Cinema is committed to providing the highest quality reference projectors for the discerning enthusiast. We specialize in studio quality displays that can reproduce the image as the cinematographer intended you to see it. Our displays are not only reference imaging solution, but are carefully designed to meet the demands of custom installation, systems integration, control, flexibility and longevity.


TXF-4200 “Theater Extreme” UHD/8K Laser/Phosphor Home Cinema Projector

Premiering the TXF-4200 – perhaps the finest expression of the near-perfect home theater projector yet achieved. The TXF-4200 is built around three 0.69” native UHD/4K D-ILA® [Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier] imaging chips, and adds the remarkable 8K Quattro™ e-shift wizardry – where SD, HD, 4K and 8K video sources are mapped on a per-pixel basis, to an astonishing 8192 x 4320 on-screen resolution.

This unique engine is hand constructed, hand calibrated and further refined by our production group prior to shipment – delivering 3300 ANSI peak white performance, nearly unmeasurable inter-scene (∞) contrast levels, frame-based HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG expanded dynamic range capabilities, ultra-wide color gamut renditions approaching the BT.2020 color space (~80% BT.2020, exceeding 100% of the cinema DCI P3 standards), 3D imaging, and much more.

The 100mm all-glass optics with custom focal block enables ample horizontal and vertical lens shift, all to present razor-sharp pictures from today’s most demanding sources. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest home theater imaging platforms yet available. Contact your nearest Wolf Cinema dealer to have yours professionally installed today!


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“Wolf Cinema is my company’s ‘go-to’ brand when quality and high performance are paramount. No other projector manufacturer comes close to matching their imaging excellence and rapid response service.

”My customers ask for – and deserve – the very best. Wolf Cinema always delivers on that commitment to excellence.””

— Pat Johnson, President, UltraMedia, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

“When you want the very best image possible, there’s only one company that consistantly delivers – and that company is Wolf Cinema”

— Nick DiClemente, Owner – Elevated Integrations (NY)

“The Wolf Cinema support team was there for me – and even flew out one of their senior technical gurus when we had problems integrating a couple of new 4K sources. Hands down, they provide the best service in the business.”

— John Gilmore, Owner – Elite AV (Los Angeles)

“Wolf simply has the finest projectors in the industry, and their team are true professionals.”

— Deniz Mutlu, Owner – Evolution AV (Tysons Corner, VA)

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